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intelliBED logo This office recommends the intelliBED line of medical-grade sleep surfaces. Research indicated that the retail quality mattresses contain synthetic foams that do not wear well, fail to support the body properly and use fire retardants and poor quality foams that may off-gas nauseous fumes. It is very important that both the skeletal and muscular systems of the body be properly supported when in a horizontal position during sleep. It is also critical that any pressure points which cause pain are relieved. intelliBED uses hospital-tested materials to gently push the hips up into proper alignment with the shoulders and an exclusive co-polymer gel called intelli-Gel (r) to comfort the hip and shoulder areas to relieve pressure 50-80% better than any of the synthetic foam materials used by retail mattress companies. This creates a sleep surface that provides the best support and exceptional comfort. Most importantly, these intelliBED sleep surfaces use non-toxic, non-off gassing materials that last 2-3 times longer than the retail mattresses. and do not change with use. After doing the research, this practice recommends intelliBED sleep surfaces to our patients who understand the healing and rejuvenating power of deep, healing sleep and we negotiated a patient discount of 10%. Ask at the front desk for our patient code and talk to your doctor about any problems you’re having sleeping.

Please click here to visit intelliBED’s website to find out more. Remember to use our discount code to receive 10% off your order: DrsDennisBushman29

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