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“I first went to the clinic because I had multiple herniated discs in my lower back. I had been told by 2 orthopedic Drs. that I needed back surgery ASAP. I could barely walk in the door with a walker. I was greeted by a friendly and compassionate staff. The initial consultation was straight forward and no promises were made but I was encouraged that I might be helped. I also received some painless and gentle therapy.

I was put on a fairly intense schedule of therapy going 3 times a week for a few weeks. After the first week or so I went from a walker to a cane then in no time to nothing. As I improved this schedule became less frequent (I am now visiting once every 8 weeks). I started in the late fall 3 years ago, by spring I was back full time farming. I wont say that I haven’t had a set back or two from over working myself (outright abuse) but I have made steady improvement all along. I never thought I would ever use a chainsaw (a big one with a 24 inch bar!). This winter I have cleaned up from a bad storm and cut many downed trees. I have heated my house with firewood which I have split with a 4.5lb splitting axe. I am working on next years fire word now. I have cut and split about 8 ricks of 20 inch long wood since fall not to mention picking it up and hauling it to the house, stacking and taking it in to the stove. I feel good, really good. I am so thankful to have had such fortune. Oh yeah, I look forward to my upcoming farming season (I grow acres of seeds and produce). I have a lot to look forward to, after all I’m only 64!”

– Steve

“What a success story! In February of 2000, I had two ruptured disks resulting in emergency surgery. After my surgery, the leg pain from the sciatica was gone, but I was still experiencing mild lower back pain. When I went back to the neurosurgeon six weeks following my surgery, I was prescribed long-term pain medication. As an alternative to taking pain medication long term, the surgeon prescribed a non-addictive seizure medication for nerve pain.

I struggled with this pain from February, 2000 until October, 2005 when the pain became so severe it interfered with my day-to-day functions. I was taking two 800 ml doses of the seizure medication, three times a day. The medication left me unable to focus on any one task.

In November, 2005 after having an MRI, I was told by the neurosurgeon that my discs were degenerative, which means my discs are bone on bone. Surgery appeared to be my only option, something my husband and I feared would happen. I had gone to a chiropractor several years ago for low back pain, headaches and sinus problems. It took me from the end of 2005 until early June, 2006 to decide something had to change or I would be having back surgery again. One of my co-workers had been trying to get me to visit Dr. Bushman. The time had come to make the phone call.

On June 1st, 2006 , I had my first appointment with Dr. Bushman. I knew immediately when I walked into his office I should have been under his care several years ago. Dr. Bushman took the time to get all of my medical history and followed up with an exam and x-rays. The following day, I received the report findings and was given the prognosis. I started my first spinal adjustment and therapy (Ultra Sound and Electrical Muscle Stimulation) following the report. It has been less than a month and I feel unbelievable. Due to the success of my treatment I reduced the amount of medication to a dose at bedtime and hopefully, in a couple of weeks, I will be able to discontinue it altogether.

I thank God daily for Dr. Bushman and his knowledge. With his care, my life has completely changed and I am able to walk pain- free. Due to chiropractic care, surgery is now out of the picture!”

- Anonymous

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